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A person who suffers personal injury from the calculated or intentional acts of another person should not have to suffer any longer in the aftermath of a vicious event. Bringing the liable party forward and seeking possible financial compensation for any injuries and other emotional or psychological trauma caused is in the rights of the victim who suffered through an incident of assault or other violent crime. Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel is one of Ontario’s most-trusted law firms. Our team of lawyers is always ready to represent victims of assault in their rightful pursuit of compensation for a number of damages from any incident of intentional crime.

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Holding Violent Criminals Accountable

At Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, we fight for the rights of all injured individuals. Though many injuries can happen from accidents, such as car accidents or slip-and-falls, assault injuries are intentionally caused by a guilty perpetrator. We have no tolerance for bullies. If you or a loved one were assault victims, let our legal team of experts help you bring a lawsuit forward to pursue rightful financial compensation. Our Ontario assault attorneys will be there to hear your case and guide you through the process of beginning your claim. It is important to not delay, as many personal injury cases do not have a longer statute of time.

If you suffered from a series of violent crimes, such as:

  • 1. Assault- The act of inflicting physical harm or unwanted physical contact on a person. Assault can also categorize the threat or attempt to commit physical harm and contact.
  • 2. Battery- Intentional touching, use of force, or violence in an angry matter.
  • 3. Rape- Non-consensual sexual acts. Sexual assault is also non-consensual touching, coercion, and physical force to take part in a sexual act against a person’s will.
  • 4. Robberies- The taking of another person’s personal property against their will, whether through force or fear.
  • 5. Domestic Violence- Violent or aggressive behavior in the home, most commonly afflicted on a spouse or partner.
  • Other violent crimes that resulted in injury, i.e. reckless operation of a motor vehicle, injuries that resulted on a property such as a bar or a nightclub due to negligence on behalf of owner and security, etc.

You are in your right to hold the liable parties responsible and seek the rightful damages. Working with an Ontario assault attorney can bring you the reassurance your case is being handled by an attorney that knows the legal process and system. Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel are proud to have years of experience helping successfully bring cases forward for individuals who suffered from assault and other violent crimes. We have guided many assault and violent crime victims in the civil side of pursuing damages for their individual cases. A violent crime can leave many individuals anxious, fearful, and even hopeless. There is no need to feel this way, instead, take the appropriate actions to get one of our personal injury attorneys on the case and help fight for your right to financial compensation.

At our law firm, we believe in making the perpetrators of assaults, battery, robberies, domestic violence, and more pay the victims for all damages caused due to the inciting incident. Being acknowledged as the perpetrators of the violent act is not enough, liable criminals should also give the victims who suffered from their crimes additional financial restitution. Whether you received severe painful injuries, suffered from loss of income due to being unable to work, had to pay medical expenses, went through emotional trauma, and suffered psychological trauma, you should hold the criminal parties responsible. Let our legal team bring your case forward.

Can Assault or Battery Be A Personal Injury Claim?

You may be wondering, if you were injured due to assault, can you file a personal injury claim? Any cases where intentional physical activities were performed to cause harm, intimidation, or fright fall under personal injury. Personal injury does not represent just accidents, but also intentional violent acts such as robbery, assault, battery, and more. What are the elements of a personal injury claim concerning assault and battery? The factors that allow an assault personal injury claim to be developed include:

  • The injured party must not be more than 50% at fault for the event
  • The perpetrator acted with negligence and intent
  • Medical documentation is necessary to prove the extent of damages caused (report to the police and seek medical treatment to have a record)

The two types of damages that can be given through an assault personal injury claim include compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are meant to cover loss of wages, medical expenses, and other costs that arose after the inciting incident. Punitive damages are meant to compensate for the intentional act of assault, battery, and other violence. If you are looking for a violent crime, sexual assault, domestic violence, and personal injury lawyer who will pay the utmost attention and care to your claim, contact our legal firm to get started on discussing your case.

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No individual should be the victim of assault and other violent crimes. However, these incidents do occur, and oftentimes the victims of assault are left paying the price for medical expenses, loss of income, emotional or psychological damages, and more. If you or a loved one were the victims of domestic violence, assault, robberies, and other intentional violent crimes that left you with injury, then bring the liable parties forward and seek financial compensation. Contact the legal team at Lerner, Moore, Cunningham, Silva & Rubel. We are a dedicated legal team in Ontario that has personal injury attorneys to help bring your case forward, answering every question and providing you with some of the most expert legal advice in the Inland Empire. Call us now to learn more about booking a consultation appointment.