Back Injuries

Back Injuries

A back injury can result in severe pain, restricted movement, and a host of other life-changing problems. If you injure your back in the workplace, it’s essential to contact a workers’ compensation attorney to begin a claim. A back injury can result in lost income, medical bills, pain, and suffering.

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Issues Associated with Workplace Back Injuries

Let’s explore a few of the many issues associated with injuring your back in the workplace:

• Pain: Back injuries can result in severe pain – this may impact your ability to sit and stand. Some individuals with back pain also have problems sleeping.

• Surgery: A back injury may result in surgery. Not only can this be a painful process, but it can also result in significant medical bills.

• Restricted Movement: Back injuries are often associated with a loss of movement. If it’s painful to perform certain activities – you may experience restricted movement.

• Loss of Income and Quality of Life: If your back injury is severe enough, it may prevent you from working. This can significantly reduce your income and quality of life.

If you’re suffering from any of the above issues because of a workplace back injury, it’s critical to contact our team at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Using a Workers’ Compensation Attorney After Your Back Injury

Seeking back injury compensation without an attorney can turn into a nightmare if you make mistakes. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation law is a complex field – which means your employer may take advantage of the law to deny you any benefits.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney that has experience with back injury cases. It’s in your employer’s financial interest to play hardball – make sure you have an attorney that’s willing to fight on your behalf.

Don’t Delay a Back Injury Claim!

Unfortunately, many California workers make the mistake of delaying their back injury claims. Not only can this delay the onset of their benefits, but it can also leave them ineligible to receive any benefits at all. The state of California limits workers’ compensation claims to one year after the individual is aware of their injury.

In order to avoid this issue, it’s essential to begin claiming as soon as you’re aware of your injury. This can also speed up the length of time it takes to begin receiving compensation. This may be critical if you’re missing work or have upcoming medical bills.

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