Repetitive Motor Injuries

Repetitive Motor Injuries

Many individuals make the mistake of thinking that workers’ compensation claims are for acute injuries. While this is true in many cases, you can also claim for repetitive motor injuries – which are injuries that typically occur over long periods of time. If repetitive “movements or use” have caused an injury, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer.

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Common Types of Repetitive Motor Injuries

There are many types of injury that can result from overuse or repetitive movements. Let’s explore some common types of repetitive motor injuries below:

• Neuritis
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Tendonitis
• Fasciitis
• Cubital tunnel syndrome
• Degenerative arthritis
• Focal hand dystonia
• Myositis
• More

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How Can a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help with Repetitive Motor Injuries?

If you’re suffering from a repetitive motor injury, you understand how much it impacts your life. While this is easy to understand for the injury’s victim, proving it in court is another matter. Employers will often fight hard to reduce the financial burden of any workers’ compensation claim.

If you want to improve your chances of receiving adequate benefits, hiring an experienced attorney can help. A workers’ compensation lawyer can explain your rights and help you submit a workers’ compensation claim. The attorney can also fight on your behalf in court if the claim requires it.

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Don’t Delay Workers’ Compensation Claims for Repetitive Motor Injuries!

Many workers make the mistake of delaying their claims, which can result in a lack of evidence and unsuccessful compensation processes.

In most cases, California workers have one year to claim for workers’ compensation. If you’re aware of your injury and you wait more than a year, then you may lose the right to compensation.

Also, gathering medical evidence and other documentation when your injury occurs is essential. Don’t place yourself in a difficult position – begin the claims process as soon as you’re aware of any problems.

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