Social Security Attorney in Chino Hills

Disability caused by a medical condition or an injury can leave you feeling hopeless and under sudden stress. In this day and age, living expenses and running a household means you have to work hard and make a paycheck to keep everything afloat. A disability can keep you from work, and cause a large amount of stress when it comes to providing for your family. Social security disability benefits provide the financial aid you need while adjusting and living with your condition. Getting started on your disability claim can be difficult and require legal knowledge that you may not be aware of, especially if you are new to the claims process.

For help filing a social security claim, appeals, expert legal advice, and other inquiries about social security benefits in Chino Hills let Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel provide you with a helpful and skilled social security disability attorney.

Why Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel Social Security Disability Attorneys?

We’ve been providing legal support and representation to clients since our firm’s formation in 1976. We want to make sure all Chino Hills residents have the advocating team they need when it comes to strategizing and submitting a social security disability claim. Our firm has handled the representation of many social security disability claims for a number of decades, keeping up with each step and informing clients when needed about every update and change in timeline. Our attorneys strive to provide the most helpful legal services, so you can get one step closer to the disability benefits you need while treating your medical condition.

Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel is a premier law firm that never backs down from a claim. We insist on working in a timely manner and making sure to keep you in the loop on how your claim is going. Whether you are starting to look into beginning a claim, wondering about how an appeal can benefit your case, or need representation for a disability hearing, you can trust our attorneys will be at your side and ready to get started.

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

What are the disability benefits you could possibly qualify for? You could be considered for two programs when it comes to financial benefits. Let one of our expert social security disability lawyers advise you on which program best fits your situation and financial needs. The two programs many people are most eligible for when it comes to disability benefits include:

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to individuals who have paid into the Social Security system through income tax deductions and also acquired sufficient work credits. This form of benefit is available regardless of financial resources.

Supplemental Security Income provides supplemental income to individuals who are disabled, blind, or over the age of 65. You must have limited financial resources but there’s no requirement to have paid into the Social Security system like with the Social Security Disability Insurance.

California Social Security Disability Lawyers to Walk You Through Eligibility and the Social Security Administration

To qualify for a social security disability benefits program, you will need to submit the proper evidence. This evidence should back up the claim you’ve had a medical condition lasting more than 12 months and is now considered permanent. Evidence to prove your claim is submitted in the form of doctors’ notes, diagnosis and prognosis of the afflicted medical condition, lab test results, and other medical documentation. We’ll help compile the evidence you need for your claim.

Many claims for social security disability are often denied, but this does not mean all hope is lost for your case. Appeals can have a great success rate, and we’ll work together to provide more evidence and documentation if necessary. Our attorneys don’t back down easily and will help appeal and fight for your claim, so you can be closer to receiving the benefits you need.

Disability and SSI Attorneys to Help With Applications and Appeals

Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel have been Chino Hills’ top choice of law firm when it comes to finding the most reliable social security attorneys. We know the process of navigating through the SSA (social security administration) guidelines, as well as going through the disability claims process from our countless experiences. If your medical condition has put an end to your ability to work and earn a paycheck for living expenses, social security disability benefits are the best option for you.

Navigating life with a disability can be overwhelming. Our lawyers will be with you through the claims process, whether you need additional aid, legal advice, or expert representation for a disability hearing. Let our law firm help you achieve the best possible outcome with your disability claim, so you can be adjusted to a possible change in lifestyle.

Looking Into Supplemental Security Income?

Have you been diagnosed with a long-term medical condition that categorizes you as permanently disabled? Can you provide evidence to back the fact you are unable to work and need financial support for medical treatment and other living expenses? Do you have a family to provide for, one that requires the financial assistance you are applying for? Supplemental Security Income is the program for you. One of our skillful attorneys will work with you to submit documents that prove financial need and also support the existence of medical conditions. Supplemental Security Income can enable you to receive much-needed help and benefits, but the path to these benefits may be difficult and filled with obstacles. Our social security disability lawyers provide meaningful support and consistent advocacy for you as your claim progresses.

Filing a social security disability claim on your own shouldn’t have to be, and you may be missing out on benefits if you are unsure or unknowing of the process. Let one of our social security disability attorneys provide you with guidance and representation. For your social security disability claim in Chino Hills, call the team at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.