Social Security Attorney in Claremont

Developing a debilitating medical condition can instantly throw out the plans you had of constantly working and providing for your family. If you suffered from an injury or illness that resulted in you being unable to work and disabled, you’ll want to figure out how to receive the most beneficial financial help. This aid should keep you and your household free of any monetary stress, whether from medical or miscellaneous day-to-day expenses. Social security disability benefits are the biggest opportunity you can receive so you are able to get the additional benefits needed to keep you provided for after being struck by a severe medical situation. If you are in Claremont looking for a dependable social security attorney, turn to the legal team at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel to help you with every step of applying to benefits, going through legal issues, disputes, appeals, and much more.

Why Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel Social Security Disability Attorneys?

We’ve been working hard since 1976 to provide clients with superior legal services. When it comes to social security benefits, the process of filing a claim, gathering evidence, countering disputes and rejections, and more can be taxing on you. You are already suffering from the medical condition you’ve been afflicted with. There’s no need to add extra stress to yourself.

Our lawyers are strongly committed to providing top-notch legal services to Claremont residents. We have the years of experience representing clients through all matters of social security disability claims, so we never reject any cases that come through regarding disability claims and helping injured workers. Our legal expertise and commitment to every case that comes through our firm make us a celebrated law firm in Upland, one that new and returning clients know they can trust.

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

Interested in learning more regarding the social security disability benefits you may be able to attain? A person can qualify for two programs that have their own set of benefits. These programs may have different requirements and need different evidence and documentation. If you are looking into disability benefits, the two programs you may be looking at include:

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to individuals who have paid into the Social Security system through income tax deductions and also acquired sufficient work credits. This form of benefit is available regardless of financial resources.

Supplemental Security Income provides supplemental income to individuals who are disabled, blind, or over the age of 65. You must have limited financial resources but there’s no requirement to have paid into the Social Security system like with the Social Security Disability Insurance.

California Social Security Disability Lawyers to Walk You Through Eligibility and the Social Security Administration

To qualify for either of the mentioned social security disability programs, you will have to provide proper evidence you’ve had a medical condition regarded as permanent and lasting more than 12 months. The evidence to support your claim may include dated doctors’ notes, diagnosis and prognosis of the medical condition, test results, and other medical documentation. Though you may be overwhelmed with finding the right documentation to prove your condition, one of our reliable attorneys will be there to help you with all matters of filing your claim successfully.

Many initial claims for social security disability are often denied but do not let this fact get you down. Our lawyers will be sure to appeal and fight for your claim, so you can be one step closer to the benefits you need while treating and living with your medical condition.

Disability and SSI Attorneys to Help With Applications and Appeals

Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel have been Claremont’s most trusted law firm when it comes to social security attorneys. We know the process of navigating through the difficult SSA (social security administration) guidelines and claims process. Learning to thrive with your disability can already take much of your time, let us handle the disability claims process. If your disability is getting in the way of you being able to work and earn a living, then social security disability benefits are the right choice for you.

Navigating a new lifestyle with a disability can be daunting. Filing for social security disability is not another thing you need on your plate. Our lawyers know the tolls of disabilities and how difficult finding the time to drive a social security disability benefits claim can be, as well. This is why we are always with you through the claims process, whether you need help with filing or need a legal representative for an appeals disability hearing. You won’t find this level of commitment and attention with any other Claremont law firm.

Looking Into Supplemental Security Income?

Were you involved in an accident on the job or suffered from a medical condition that left you disabled? Can you prove you are not able to work, but need the financial support to help with your treatments and other household necessities? Supplemental Security Income is the program for you. If you are looking into this benefits program and need a legal expert who can assist you with the claims process, let our law firm help you. We’ll work with you to help provide the documentation of financial requirements and medical conditions that you will need to submit to be considered for eligibility. Supplemental Security Income can be great benefits, but the road to them may be filled with different obstacles. Our social security disability attorneys will make sure to advocate and stay on your team every step of the way.

When it comes to figuring out claims and other legal tasks behind social security disability benefits, you can’t be expected to complete this long legal process all on your own. Let one of our social security disability lawyers provide the consistent and expert legal help you need, with representation whenever necessary. If you are looking for a compassionate and specialized social security attorney in Claremont, call Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.