Social Security Attorney in San Bernardino

Disability can completely upend your life and your family’s life in a matter of moments. Disability caused by a medical condition and other injuries may dramatically alter your lifestyle, leaving you unable to work. This is particularly challenging if you are the sole provider your household depends on. Now how will you generate income for your family? Social security disability benefits can provide the financial support you need while living with your condition. Getting started on your disability claim can have you facing a long checklist of steps, and you may not be aware of how to go about the claims process.

For help with filing a social security claim, appeals, expert legal advice, and more in San Bernardino when it comes to social security benefits, you need a trusted legal expert who will patiently guide you through the process. Look toward the direction of a social security attorney belonging to one of the oldest law firms around.

Why Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel Social Security Disability Attorneys?

We’ve been continuously providing legal support and representation since our opening in 1976, making sure no San Bernardino client is underrepresented when it comes to their social security disability claim. These particular claims can be a tough situation to crack, but when you have the skilled legal support of a knowledgeable lawyer from our firm, the whole process can get a lot easier. We have handled the representation of many social security disability claims for decades, following them closely and making sure to keep clients up to date with individual advice. We strive to be transparent, professional, and always advocate for you as you continue your social security disability claim.

Our attorneys have strongly committed to providing the most top-notch services for every claim. We work in a timely manner and make sure to keep you in the loop on how your claim is going. Whether you are barely looking into claims, looking to file an appeal, or maybe need representation for a hearing, we’ve got your back.

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income

What social security disability benefits could you qualify for? A person can be considered for two programs with different benefits. These programs have different requirements for eligibility, so let a professional attorney talk to you about which one fits your situation. The two programs are:

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to individuals who have paid into the Social Security system through income tax deductions and also acquired sufficient work credits. This form of benefit is available regardless of financial resources.

Supplemental Security Income provides supplemental income to individuals who are disabled, blind, or over the age of 65. You must have limited financial resources but there’s no requirement to have paid into the Social Security system like with the Social Security Disability Insurance.

California Social Security Disability Lawyers to Walk You Through Eligibility and the Social Security Administration

To qualify for either social security disability benefits program, you will need to submit evidence that supports the claim you’ve had a medical condition lasting more than 12 months and is now deemed as permanent. Evidence to prove your claim may be submitted in the form of doctors’ notes, diagnosis and prognosis of the medical condition, lab test results, and other medical documentation. Our supportive and skilled attorneys will be there to aid you in successfully filing your claim.

Many claims for social security disability are denied the first time around, and this occurrence can deter a lot of people. Our attorneys will never back down and instead will help appeal and fight for your claim, so you can receive the benefits you need for disability.

Disability and SSI Attorneys to Help With Applications and Appeals

Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel have been San Bernardino’s premier law firm when it comes to masterful social security attorneys. We know the process of navigating through the SSA (social security administration) guidelines and claims process. Learning to live with your medical condition can already take much of your time and energy. Let our firm handle the tedious claim process. If your medical condition has put an end to your ability to work and earn a paycheck for your household, social security disability benefits are the best option.

Navigating life with a disability can be challenging. Filing for social security disability is another worry you don’t need to go through alone. Our lawyers will always be at your side throughout the claims process, whether you need additional aid and representation with filing a claim or need a trustworthy legal representative for a disability hearing. Let our firm provide you with the support and valuable advice you need.

Looking Into Supplemental Security Income?

Have you been diagnosed with a long-term medical condition that has now left you permanently disabled? Can you provide the proper evidence supporting the fact you are not able to work and need financial support for you and your loved ones? Supplemental Security Income may be the right benefits program for you. If you are looking into this program and need a skilled attorney who can assist you with the claims and documentation submission process, let our law firm provide the perfect help for you. We’ll work with you to gather and submit necessary documents that prove financial need and also support the existence of medical conditions you may have. Supplemental Security Income can bring a great set of benefits to individuals, but the road to these benefits may be one filled with obstacles. Our social security disability lawyers will make sure to work in your best interests every step of the way.

Still attempting to figure out the process of obtaining social security disability benefits may be overwhelming. Let one of our compassionate and thorough social security disability attorneys provide you with the help and trusted representation you’ll need for the disability claim process. If you are looking for a dependable social security attorney in San Bernardino, call us at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.