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Hiring a Social Security lawyer is the most concrete way to secure your Social Security disability benefits. If you need an experienced attorney to file your claim or fight your appeal, our local Social Security disability attorneys are here to help.

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Social Security disability applicants typically struggle with frustration and confusion during the application process. As they try to gather medical documentation and fill out loads of paperwork, having a skilled attorney by their side has proven to ease the stress of the filing process. Hire an SSDI lawyer with experience in Social Security claims to speed up your approval.

Our attorneys know the ins and outs of SSDI claims. We work with the same group of SSA representatives and judges, giving you a step up in the approval process. Contact our expert Social Security attorneys today to fight for what you deserve.

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Nearly 70% of all SSDI and SSI claims are initially denied, and most claimants are forced to fight through several drawn-out appeals before they are approved. Our Social Security lawyers can handle all types of SSDI and SSI claims. Contact us today for a free consultation.

If you want to hire an Eastvale disability attorney, you can trust our team to get you the best results at the correct cost. Our attorneys work on contingency. You aren’t responsible for fees until your claim is approved and paid. That means you are not paid unless you win your lawsuit.

California Social Security and Disability Benefits

If you or a loved one can no longer work due to physical or mental disability, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. California residents are eligible based on income level and previous contributions. Contact our Social Security disability attorneys today to discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those with severe injury or illness can find it hard to perform their regular work duties as they try to recover. Not only are you struggling with pain, but you likely have medical appointments, treatments, and tests on your schedule. You may also struggle with paying your bills from unexpected expenses. Talk to your Eastvale Social Security disability lawyer today to discuss your case.

How Long Does It Take to Process My Claim?

The time it takes to process your claim depends on several factors. Getting approved for Social Security disability benefits can take as long as three to five months. Still, many people wait all that time only to receive a denial. Hiring an SSDI attorney can help speed up the process. Our attorneys will assist you in gathering your medical records, application requirements, and other evidence to submit your claim or file your appeal.

Can a Disability Attorney Help Me?

Many SSDI and SSI applicants struggle with the denial and appeals process. Since most claims are denied in the initial phase of the application process, our attorney can help you streamline the process and get approval the first time around. We can also help ensure you get approved during the appeals process if you were initially denied.

How Much Does a Disability Attorney Cost?

Social Security disability lawyer expenses vary from one case to the next. However, our attorneys work on contingency. This means we’ll only collect a fee if you win your disability claim. Even if your case drags on, we won’t get paid until your case is complete. Before you hire an SSD attorney, discuss their fees and understand what you’ll have to pay before signing a contract.

What Can I Expect from the Appeals Process?

If your claim is initially denied, you have the right to appeal. The first step is to request a reconsideration. If you are still denied, you can bring your claim in front of an Administrative Law Judge. Still, an Appeals Council review can be requested if you disagree with the ALJ outcome. Finally, the last level of the appeals process is to review your case with the federal district court. Hiring a Social Security disability attorney is the best way to streamline the process and get the right results for your claim.

Is It Too Late to Get a Disability Attorney?

Regardless of where you are in the process, it is never too late to hire an Eastvale SSDI lawyer. Contact us today to discuss how our team can help you get the best outcome for your claim.

What’s Required to File a Disability Case?

To file a disability claim, you’ll need to gather the proper documentation. Employment details, demographic information, medical records, and healthcare provider letters are just some documents required to apply. Ask your Social Security attorney for a checklist to ensure you have the documentation you need.

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