Social Security Supplemental Income

Social Security Supplemental Income

The SSI program provides monthly payments to adults and children with a disability or blindness and who have income and resources below specified amounts. SSI payments can also be made to people 65 and older without disabilities who meet the financial limits. Our California attorneys have decades of experience handling SSI cases. The application processes can be confusing, often requiring an attorney, and you can rely on Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel to stand by your side.

Who is Eligible for SSI?

Anyone who is:

  1. aged (age 65 or older);
  2. blind; or
  3. disabled.

And, who:

  1. has limited income;
  2. has limited resources;
  3. is a U.S. citizen or national, or in one of certain categories of aliens;
  4. is a resident of one of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands;
  5. is not absent from the country for a full calendar month or for 30 consecutive days or more;
  6. is not confined to an institution (such as a hospital or prison) at the government’s expense;
  7. applies for any other cash benefits or payments for which he or she may be eligible, (for example, pensions, Social Security benefits);
  8. gives SSA permission to contact any financial institution and request any financial records about you;
  9. files an application; and
  10. meets certain other requirements.

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