Personal Injury Lawyer in Downey

Personal injuries are never easy to deal with. Whether the injury derails your life for a short time or changes it forever, additional stress is truly the last thing you should have to deal with. If you’ve found yourself in this position, it’s important to find a personal injury attorney who can guide you through the legal process and help you move forward with your life. The seasoned team at the Law Offices of Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel has helped our injured Downey neighbors get their lives back in order since 1976. We’ve built our practice on a foundation of good-old fashioned hard work, working for over 50 years to be the most reputable personal injury lawyer in Downey. It’s important for you to know that our team is on your side every step of the way.

We specialize in all areas of personal injury, including:

Dog Bites

So many people love and trust dogs, only to find themselves suffering from a dog bite-related injury – almost 5 million people per year, in fact. Of those people affected by a dog bite, around a million require medical treatment, which can leave you with unexpected pain, expenses, and stress. At Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, your trusted personal injury lawyer will be there from day one to listen to your story and help you recover financially, physically, and emotionally.

Dog bites can leave you with a scar, bone fracture, infection, or puncture wound. If the dog was rabid, the severity of your injuries could be even more worrying. Give our trustworthy and sympathetic dog bite accident attorneys a call today. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process of seeking compensation for your injury, answer all your questions, and support you along the way.

Car Accidents

If you’ve recently been hurt in a car accident, you probably feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about how you should proceed. No collision happens at a convenient time, but some are particularly painful and disruptive to every facet of your life. If you’ve been harmed as a result of a negligent driver, reach out to your Downey accident attorney at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel for support, legal advice, and help moving forward.

You aren’t just at risk when you get behind the wheel of a car – accidents can also occur when you’re driving a truck, motorcycle, or RV. Collisions can range from minor to serious to fatal, and the aftermath can cause plenty of problems that you didn’t deserve. If you or someone you love have suffered because of the actions of another driver, reach out to our knowledgeable and caring team. We’ll do everything in our power to help you recover financially, emotionally, and physically, support you through the legal process, and stand beside you as you start to move on to the next phase of your life. We promise to handle your case with compassion and professionalism.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are scary, particularly because there’s a high likelihood that the victim was faultless in the incident. A sobering 6,000+ Americans lose their lives every year in this senseless and sudden way. If you have been grievously impacted by a pedestrian accident or if you’ve lost a family member in this tragic way, you surely deserve justice and proper compensation. It’s crucial to hold negligent drivers responsible, whether they were distracted, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or speeding. Reach out to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel when you find yourself looking for a local Downey personal injury lawyer who truly cares about you and your pedestrian accident injury claim.

Construction Accidents

As a construction worker, you may not even realize the numerous dangers that befall you on an everyday basis. Even minor construction accidents can leave you out of work for longer than you can afford, and the medical bills only compound the problem. If you’re dealing with the effects and stress of a construction-related injury, give your dependable local personal injury lawyer in Downey a call. In some tragic cases, death or serious injury can occur as a result of a work incident. If you or a loved one have been seriously affected by a construction injury, we’ll walk alongside you to pursue legal action and help you get your life back on track. Your accident attorney is proud to advocate for our valued clients after crane accidents, impalement, electrical burns, falls, and more.


Assault is one of the most unjust and unfair things you could possibly experience in life because it often leaves you with lasting physical, emotional, and psychological effects. In our line of work, we’ve sadly heard endless stories from our valued clients about how their personal injury has changed their lives in more ways than anyone else could imagine. Your accident lawyer at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel will fight for and alongside you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire legal process and helping you move forward in every possible way. In no time, you’ll be able to focus on your psychological, physical, and emotional recovery. It’s time to get the justice you deserve so you can finally move forward with your life.

If you have been harmed by another person and suffered rape, domestic violence, battery, or robbery, call your accident attorney in Downey today. Our caring, compassionate, and experienced team of attorneys will advocate on your behalf and help you hold the responsible party or parties responsible for their heinous crimes. Our aim is to assist you in rebuilding your life and moving onward, because that’s exactly what you deserve.

Our personal injury law firm also specializes in:

Social Security Disability

Workers’ Compensation

Wrongful Death

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

And more!

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