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The uncertainty and life-altering effect associated with sudden injury can be difficult to navigate – particularly if you don’t have the right support behind you. When you come to the Law Offices of Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, you’ll meet a team who knows exactly how to change the trajectory of this impactful event – and your life as a whole. We got our start in 1976, and we’ve spent each day serving our clients and establishing a reputation as the most trustworthy and personable local personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach. We built our firm on compassion, aptitude, and integrity. We want you to know just how important you are, so we’ll prioritize your case and get you on the road to physical, emotional, and financial recovery as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It’s our honor to represent injured individuals with any case, including:

Car Accidents

If you’ve recently been hurt in a car accident, you probably feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about how you should proceed. Accidents always seem to happen at the worst possible time, and the long list of things you’ll need to do in the wake of this unexpected event can feel insurmountable. Dangerous and reckless drivers are all over the road, and accidents can be unavoidable. If you’ve been injured because of the dangerous driving of another person, you’ll want your Newport Beach accident attorney at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel to support you and walk alongside you through the process of seeking legal action against the other driver.

Collisions are possible any time you hit the road, whether you’re driving a car, motorcycle, truck, or RV. The damage can be inconvenient, lasting, or even fatal in some horribly unfortunate cases. If you’ve suffered at the hands of a dangerous driver or if a loved one has been affected by a car accident, give a kind and compassionate accident attorney a call today. We’ll work tirelessly to help you recover physically, emotionally, and financially, walk alongside you through the process of litigation, and cheer you on as you put this horrific chapter behind you. Your case will be given all the meticulous attention it deserves.


In today’s world, many people sadly don’t think twice about hurting another human being. We’ve heard story after story about how life-changing these personal injuries can be, and it never gets easier to hear those harrowing tales. We wish our valued clients never had to deal with such traumatic and life-altering injuries, but we are honored to be entrusted with the role of supporting you through the most difficult time of your life. When you choose Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, you’ll meet a compassionate personal injury attorney who will lend a listening ear, learn all the details of your case, and help you begin the legal process. We’ll walk you through the entire legal process and give you all the resources you need to move on to the next chapter of your life.

If you have been wounded as a result of domestic violence, battery, rape, or robbery, contact your accident attorney in Newport Beach. Our skilled, caring, and knowledgeable lawyers will be there for you every step of the way, and we will continue fighting until justice is finally served. It takes courage to come forward and stand up for yourself, so helping you in that quest is just our way of making sure your voice is heard.

Dog Bites

If you’ve suffered a dog bite, you’re not alone. Did you know that about 4.7 million dog bites occur annually? Of those nearly 5 million injured individuals, about one million require medical treatment – and that can be costly, painful, and scary. When you choose Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel as your personal injury lawyer, you’ll get an expert team that genuinely cares about you and wants to help you through the legal process.

When you suffer from a dog bite, the resulting injuries can include an infection, scarring, puncture wound, bone fracture, and beyond. If the offending dog is infected with rabies, the resulting injuries can be incredibly serious. Obtain counsel from our experienced and warm dog bite accident attorneys if you find yourself in this uncertain predicament. We’ll be happy to talk you through the process of seeking compensation for your injury, answer all your questions, and support you along the way.

Pedestrian Accidents

Nobody ever expects to be involved in a pedestrian accident, but they can be particularly scary when injuries are involved. Over 6,000 Americans lose their lives annually after suffering from injuries caused by these horrific and senseless incidents. If you or someone you love have been seriously or fatally wounded in such a calamity, you should certainly consider seeking justice and compensation. Drivers who are speeding, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, or otherwise negligent should be held responsible for their actions. If you’re searching for a local Newport Beach personal injury lawyer to represent you and your pedestrian accident injury claim, look no further than Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.

Construction Accidents

When you work in the construction industry, every day comes with an inherent risk of work-related personal injury. Even when the injury is minor, a construction accident might mean that you need multiple days off, and it might also leave you with expensive medical bills. It’s critical that you find a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer to represent you and help you get the compensation you deserve. In rare cases, construction accidents can cause lifelong harm or lead to death. If you or a loved one have been seriously affected by a construction injury, we’ll walk alongside you to pursue legal action and help you get your life back on track. Our professional law team will be there for you through it all, whether you’ve suffered a fall, impalement, electrical burn, or crane accident.

Our personal injury law firm also specializes in:

Social Security Disability

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Wrongful Death

Workers’ Compensation

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