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Unexpected injuries are among the most difficult situations you’ll ever encounter in life, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. When you come to the Law Offices of Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, you’ll meet a team who knows exactly how to change the trajectory of this impactful event – and your life as a whole. Over the course of nearly 50 years, we’ve worked hard to establish a solid reputation as the most skilled and dependable local personal injury lawyer in San Diego. We’ll walk alongside you until you get the justice you deserve. You’ll be moving forward with your life in no time.

It’s our honor to represent injured individuals with any case, including:

Dog Bites

If you’ve suffered a dog bite, you’re not alone. Did you know that about 4.7 million dog bites occur annually? Of those injuries, almost 1 million will require medical treatment. When you come to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, your personal injury lawyer will show you just how much we truly care about the emotional, physical, and financial impact you’ve endured, and we’ll help you get the justice you deserve.

After a dog attack, you may find yourself with lasting physical injuries like infections, bone fractures, scars, puncture wounds, and more. If the offending dog is infected with rabies, the resulting injuries can be incredibly serious. Give our trustworthy and sympathetic dog bite accident attorneys a call today. It will be our pleasure to set up a meeting where we can talk about how to demand compensation, how to seek legal recourse, and any other concerns you might have about your case and condition.


Nobody deserves to suffer at the hands of another person, but the world can be an incredibly unfair place. It’s never easy to meet and hear the stories of survivors who have suffered personal injury as a result of assault, but helping those brave survivors is what makes our jobs worthwhile. When you choose Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, you’ll meet a compassionate accident lawyer who will lend a listening ear, learn all the details of your case, and help you begin the legal process. Your personal injury attorney wants to serve a positive and helpful role in the turning of this terrible, painful chapter of your life. Soon, moving forward will feel a little easier – and it’s an honor to help you do just that.

If you are a survivor of battery, rape, domestic violence, or robbery, reach out to a reliable and personable accident attorney in San Diego today. You deserve to reclaim your life, so our legal team will be here with our experience, compassion, and care to support you and hold the guilty party responsible.

Car Accidents

If you haven’t personally been involved in a serious car accident, the chances are that you know someone who has. It’s never a good time to be in an accident, and the lasting effects can be difficult to overcome. Collisions can happen in any weather, any time of day, and in any location, because deleterious and reckless drivers lurk all over the road. If you’ve been injured because of the dangerous driving of another person, you’ll want your San Diego accident attorney at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel to support you and walk alongside you through the process of seeking legal action against the other driver.

Accidents can occur when you least expect them, whether you’re driving a motorcycle, RV, car, or truck. In the wake of an accident, you may be left with a long to-do list, physical pain, the hassle of finding alternate transportation, or even debilitating injuries. If you’ve suffered at the hands of a dangerous driver or if a loved one has been affected by a car accident, give our kind and compassionate team a call today. We won’t stop working on your case until you’re well on your way to financial, physical, and emotional recovery, and we’ll advocate for you every step of the way. You deserve to put this problem behind you, and we’re here to give you all the help you need during this time.

Pedestrian Accidents

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is a terrifying and shocking experience. Not only can they be horribly injurious, but over 6,000 Americans die each year as a result of pedestrian accident-related injury. If you have been grievously impacted by a pedestrian accident or if you’ve lost a family member in this tragic way, you surely deserve justice and proper compensation. Drivers who are speeding, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, or otherwise negligent should be held responsible for their actions. When you decide to find a dependable and caring San Diego personal injury lawyer to handle your pedestrian accident injury claim with all the focus it deserves, give Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel a call today.

Construction Accidents

We’re all just trying to make a living, but what happens when you head off to work and find yourself injured by the end of the day? Even so-called minor construction accidents can impact you long-term, leaving you with lost wages, expensive medical bills, and plenty of stress. When you find yourself hurt at work, your first step should be making sure you have the best local San Diego personal injury lawyer on your side. In rare cases, construction accidents can cause lifelong harm or lead to death. If you or someone you love are dealing with the aftermath of a construction injury, your compassionate accident attorney will advocate for you and walk alongside you throughout the process of litigation and recovery. We’ll be right there every step of the way, whether you’ve suffered an electrical burn, fall, crane accident, or impalement.

Our personal injury law firm also specializes in:

Social Security Disability

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Wrongful Death

Workers’ Compensation

And more!

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